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Child of the Earth


Release Date: Pre-Order release date May 24
Format: Vinyl, CD.

CD or 12" Vinyl

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TMM loop243


Release Date: October 9, 2015
Format: Vinyl, CD, and High-resolution download.

CD or 12" Vinyl

* Format:

Digital Release



Composer Thomas Kozumplik and Legendary Percussionist Jonathan Haas Team up on Massive Child of the Earth

Kozumplik's large and expressive symphony for the NYU Percussion Ensemble is out May 24 on Music Starts From Silence. Sneak peek at the album cover below with photograph by Julia Reinhart and design by Stephen Gilewski. More to come on this exciting collaboration...

New Video Release: Sub-Verse Live in NYC - Digital Future (link to Youtube)

MSFS Records 10-Year Anniversary Playlist on Youtube

Take a journey through our catalogue: performances by Loop 2.4.3, Clogs, Rachael Elliott, Padma Newsome, John Orfe, and The Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble. Works by John Cage, Thomas Kozumplik, David Lang, Padma Newsome, Edgar Varése, and Lorne Watson. Enjoy!

Live Videos and Album Tracks From Loop 2.4.3 on Youtube

Original videos by David Derickson and live performances by Loop 2.4.3 with visual artists Jon Waldo, Catherine Rutgers, and Derickson, along with Tom Burnett, David Zerbe, and the Alma College Percussion Ensemble.

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Ionisation - the Robert Hohner Legacy Project

"The extent and importance of Hohner's commitment to percussionists is most apparent in the performance of Varese's Ionisation, in which he creates an all-encompassing sound environment rather than a mere interpretation along the sophisticated, super-analytical lines of a Boulez, and equally in the large, terrifying spaces of Christopher Rouse's magnificent Ogoun Badagris..." - Gramophone (UK) Read the review

Second Inversion rethinks classical music with Loop 2.4.3